Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Great Cloth Diaper Stink Experiment & Detergent Giveaway! {Part One}

I love to research things (anything really) and my adventure into cloth diapering has been no different.  I looked into cloth diaper safe laundry detergent, reading reviews and charts and recommendations until I dreamt of laundry detergent dancing like faries around my head.

I started with the, not prefered but fairly well rated, All Small & Mighty Free & Clear.  I thought it was too good to be true to find a detergent that was less than $5 and sold at pretty much any store.  It was.  It did an ok job of cleaning fairly clean clothes and baby blankets, but not such a good job getting the stink out of my baby, Parker's, diapers.

Not so Mighty afterall!

And so, after a few rounds with All, the inevitable has happened.

I've got stink. 

The as-soon-as-any-liquids-touch-the-liner-the-diaper-and-baby-stink-like-an-ammonia-poop-smoothie kind of stink. 

Martin at AllThingsDiapers was wonderful enough to donate one package of each of the three laundry detergents he sells at his store, which is both a brick & mortor and online store.  All Things Diapers also runs a diaper service that was rated best diaper service by Minnesota Monthly.  They have layaway, a rewards program, and a crazy huge selection of diapers, diaper accessories, baby carriers, beautiful baby wraps, laundry detergents, wet bags, diaper pails... I could go on and on.  One look at the website and I was busy making a wishlist a mile long! 

And then I went to the store.

Heaven!  That is the only way to describe All Things Diapers.  They have a truly great selection of carriers and wraps, with demos so you can try them out for yourself.  Parker was super happy being worn in the beautiful blue and green Wrapsody Bali Breeze, and Liz, an incredibly sweet and helpful employee, showed me a new carry.

And then I learned about all the classes, workshops, and get togethers they host.  They do in store demos and really help their customers make the right choices for each individual.  They also have a lending library, which I, the bookworm, HAD to try out. 

Overall, All Things Diapers is a beautifully designed store (complete with private changing and nursing areas and a rocking chair in the middle of the store so you can check out their offerings and calm your baby at the same time) with a great inventory and kind and super helpful employees.  Their excellent customer service and wonderful donation will go a long way in making sure this experiment is successful.

So, on to business...

The Great Diaper Stink Experiment will go as follows:

. I will divide my diapers and liners into three groups.

. I will use one of each of the three brands of detergent on one specific group for a period of two months.

. I will make note of the different aspects of each detergent and rate them on each aspect accordingly.

. I will also make note of which group smells freshest after each wash cycle.

. I will report frequently on the data I have gathered from the experiment.

. At the end of the first month I will declare a favorite and one lucky reader will win a package of that detergent.

. I will do a follow up a month after that to conclude the experiment.

The brands I will be testing are...

Rockin' Green Classic Rock, Thirsties Super Wash, and Charlie's Soap.

Stay tuned for more exciting adventures in (hopefully soon-to-be-gone) stink!  Don't forget to follow this blog (by email, rss, or through google connect) and like  All Things Diapers on Facebook and comment below to be entered for a chance to win a package of the winning detergent!  

Don't forget to comment below to finalize your entry!

The Great Cloth Diaper Stink Experiment

I adore my readers and hope you feel the same way about me.  

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TMP_Leia said...

I am interested to see what you find out because I will be starting CD when baby gets here and would love to know a head of time what works.

Betsy127 said...

Good luck! I am interested to see which one pulls out ahead!

Blissful said...

Woohoo for this blog. I am new to cloth as baby is due in January and there are so many choices out there! I am very interested in the outcome.

Leandra Howry said...

I can't wait to see and hear what you like more....are you using a he machine?

Ms. Polka Dottie said...

Ohh, what Leandra said about the HE machine! I'm following too.

Anonymous said...

Interested to see how they do! I just bought a new detergent, none of these though.

leahw said...

hope you find something that works- I started the same way with using ALL, then had to switch to that actual diaper detergent- good luck!

Faylyn Jean Hillier said...

I'm not using an HE machine unfortunately. I wish. I have my trusty top loader that came with the house (it's a rental).

ebd said...

I am also interested how this goes. We are using Country Save, which seems to go a long way, but my diapers are starting to have that tell-tale ammonia scent, and we're just starting to get to the nasty poop...

Shana said...

I'm excited to see your results!

MamaHunfy said...

I use RnG right now, sometimes country save. So far so good...
I like all things diapers on fb as Vashti McMurray

Krystal Crawford said...

We use Rockin Green. Maybe a switch to Charlie's is due?

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