The Great Cloth Diaper Stink Experiment

The image above is one of my favorites.  Imagine clean, fresh, sunkissed, summer breeze aired diapers.  How amazing would that be?  Unfortunately, it's not quite that easy in the winter or when you don't have the time or space to hang them outside every wash. 

That's why I have devised The Great Diaper Stink Experiment.  I am testing three popular cloth diaper safe detergents (graciously donated by the lovely folks at All Things Diapers), and several different washing routines, to find the perfect detergent and perfect routine to keep your diapers sparkling clean and spring fresh not just in spring, but every day of the year!

The Great Cloth Diaper Stink Experiment
Part One :: Introduction
Part Two ::  Initial Assessments
Part Three ::  The "Scientific" Method
Part Four ::  The Experiment Wrap Up.  (Coming Soon)
Part Five ::  And The Winner Is...  (Coming Soon)
Part Six ::  Winning Product Profile  (Coming Soon)

The Ultimate Cloth Diaper Laundry Routine
The Process ::  I test several methods to find the best. (Coming Soon)
The Routine ::  The actual routine.  (Coming Soon)

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