A blog for moms who refuse to be fit into a box, Crunchy Moms is geared toward those who practice natural, attachment style parenting but still live in the real world.  I promote breastfeeding, co sleeping, and babywearing awareness, as well as taking ownership of the birth experience. I want moms to be informed, without having choices or decisions forced upon them.  Crunchy Moms provides information and resources to parents who want to raise their children in a natural, earth friendly, gentle, and closely attached manner, but who are aren't sure where to start or who want a new perspective. Open minded, (hopefully) funny, always opinionated, and occasionally offensive, Crunchy Moms is for real moms in the real world.

I'm a breastfeeding, baby wearing, cloth diapering, non circumcising, vegetarian momma of two.

I love nature, hiking, reading, singing, dancing, and police procedurals. 


My family and I at my recent birthday
 outing at the Mall of America.
My hair is "interesting" here.  :)

I was lucky as a new parent, as I was mostly unaware of baby training books and methods.   With the exception of the relatively neutral "What to Expect the First Year", I didn't do a lot of research into parenting.  I just went with my instincts.  Later I would discover that what I was doing was called Attachment Parenting and that there were others like me, a community of parents practicing kind, gentle, attached, and loving parenting.  The more I researched, the more I became a part of this amazing group of people, following their instincts and doing what feels natural in raising their children.

I created this blog to connect with others who practice similar, crunchy, parenting styles.  I believe that being connected with like-minded people is necessary for emotional support and to truly love and believe in ones parenting choices.

My two beautiful children are Aria (four and a half) and Parker (eleven weeks).  My fiance is Nate.  Rounding out our family is a Jack-a-bee named Plankton and five cats named Dylan, Squishy, Tiny Cat, Penelope, and Lily (aka PurrPlopper).  

Parker at one day old.

Aria hiding under the kitchen 
table with mascara on her nose.

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