Saturday, November 26, 2011

PETA Reveals New Holiday Themed Breastfeeding Billboard.

PETA has unveiled this new ad just in time for the holidays.  

Below is an excerpt from a piece posted about the new billboards--->
(click the link to read their full article)

"""PETA officials said they are in negotiations with outdoor advertisers in Paw Paw to bring the “holiday-themed, head-turning billboard” within close proximity to the Van Buren County Courthouse.

PETA officials said they hope the billboard will “serve as a reminder that breast milk is healthier for infants than dairy formula and that dairy products in any form are cruel to mother cows and their calves.”

The incident that has caught PETA's attention occurred Nov. 8 in District Judge Robert Hentchel's courtroom. Natalie Hegedus, 32, of Mattawan, said she was discreetly feeding her 5-month-old son in the back of the courtroom when Hentchel called her out and asked her if she thought what she was doing was appropriate.

Hegedus, who said she was in court that day for a hearing on a contempt of court charge, contends that was embarrassed by Hentchel's comments and that she did nothing wrong by feeding her son, who was hungry and sick."""


I'm a vegetarian and PETA supporter myself (though I still eat dairy products- and my daughter was formula fed), and I really love this new billboard ad.  While I definitely believe formula has its place, it is widely accepted that Breast Is Best.  Breastfeeding in public is an issue that I'm very passionate about, and I'm glad that this incident has caught national attention.  Women should feel comfortable breastfeeding wherever they need to.  Just because it's legal almost everywhere, doesn't mean it isn't still looked down on.  

We need to stand up and fight for the normalization of breastfeeding!

What do you think?  Feel free to share your opinions in the comments below.


Anonymous said...

I kind of love this :)

Christina said...

While I think this is a great billboard, but I just can't bring myself to support PETA now that they are hosting their own porn site to raise money for their cause. If a cow is more than a piece of meat, then is a human being worth less?

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